Pet sitting is a wonderful way to care for your pet when you are
away. The great thing about pet sitting is your beloved pets stay in
the comfort of their own home. They get personalized attention while
you're at work or on a trip. This is very beneficial to you and your and a happy pet!

We believe that every pet and owner relationship is very unique and
precious.  We are here to strengthen and continue that bond while
your away by providing your pet with the same tender loving care
that you would give to them.

Gimme Paw Pet Sitting understands that you can't be with your pet
all day, everyday, but you can help your loved one to be more content
during the times that you are away with the help of Gimme Paw Pet
Sitting.  Our services are designed to make all the difference in the
world to the little one that's blue without you!

Our mission is to be a leader in professional pet care by providing
reliable and honest service to my clients.  Out with the old, in with the
new, it's a new, fresh approach to taking care of your furry loved
ones - let us provide the love, comfort, and fun for your pet when you
can't be there.

***Core Values***
Safety First for the animals.
Respect for our community and parks.
Honesty and Integrity.
Unconditional love for all creatures great and small.
Gimme Paw Pet Sitting proudly specializes in
taking care of your dog or cat whether you are at
work during the day or on vacation.  Mid-day dog
walks while you are at work....not a problem.  
Going on vacation.....let your furry one(s) be
comfortable and stay home.  We will custom tailor
your needs to insure your pet(s) happiness as
well as yours.  Every pet is different and every pet
has different needs!  You've come to the right
place....Gimme Paw Pet Sitting will run a
marathon to meet your needs and most
importantly your pet's need!!!!

***Please do ask us for references, we will gladly
provide them for you!***

Proudly serving Flossmoor, Homewood, Chicago Heights,  
Matteson, and Olympia Fields.  
**Please feel free to contact us regarding service in your area
if not listed.**
Gimme Paw Pet Sitting

Advantages of using Gimme Paw Pet Sitting:
1. Unconditional love for your pets!

2. We are insured, bonded, and registered through the Pet
Sitters International (PSI) and National Association of
Professional Pet Sitters (NAPPS).

3.  TLC! TLC! TLC!  Tender Loving Care for you pet(s)!  We
are good at what we do because we love all the fur kids we
take care of.  

4. We are a flexible team!  We don't charge for
cancellations, add-on visits, key return....and when you're
locked out of your house and we have your key....we will
gladly show up to let you back in!  Our schedule can change
on a can yours and we understand that!
Gimme Paw Pet Sitting
Owner, Jennifer Beer
Co-Owner, Teri Aver

(708) 772 - 5335
Check out our current clients on
our "Contact Us" page!  We do
nothing short of leaving a smile on
your face:)  Looking forward to
adding you to our growing family!!!!!